Getting it together

Posted on February 27 2015

Hi everyone. Just wanted to start our first blog post by saying welcome! We're so excited to have launched our new website. We started off with one, however as we grew and made some changes, we thought it was time to spruce things up a lil. With our 1st website being built by an amazing lady we grew to love, we just decided we needed to take the bull by the horns and have full control over everything we do on this site. So if it's not perfection, we're sorry. We're amateurs but truly felt passionate about doing this on our own. Anyhow, this is night 7 I think? Actually maybe 8 that we've been working till wee hours of the night. Trying to fix every detail we can think of. Not getting much sleep, and my poor hubby has worked so hard to figure out many details to get this thing up and running. So if your reading this in the next couple days, whoo hoo! We did it! Ok, my eyes are growing heavy. And were not done working, but I must go for now. Ta ta everyone!
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