About Us

The Weekend Wardrobe is owned and operated by Nancy and Andy Gallegos.The husband and wife team started this company in late 2013. With launching their 1st website in March 2014. Nancy wanted to start the business so she can be home more for her teen daughter Sugar. And also be able to travel back and forth to Huntington Beach, Ca regularly to visit her college student, Bailey.

Originally, the company started and focused on women's clothing. Until one day, Nancy's eldest daughter had the brilliant idea of adding a children's line. So, they took the plunge, tested the waters, and to their surprise, it was a hit! With days and days of discussion, they decided to go with their gut and stop selling women's clothing and  make their primary focus be on the kids. And it seems that was a great choice! People are loving "The Weekend Kids".

With them being new business owners, they have learned so much over experience and time. For some reason, they didn't want to go straight to a store front. They wanted to reach the world and go online instead. Today they are currently shipping to countries all over the world from Australia, to Italy, to France, to the Philippine's, and many many more. The list just keeps growing bigger and bigger! They never knew the business would grow so rapidly. They had started out with a brand new Instagram page a lil over a year ago, and today is now over 50,000 followers strong! Facebook is almost at 1,000 likes. And now have added Pinterest and Google Plus to their list of social media sites to reach many more out there. 

The Weekend Wardrobe has a great reputation. They pride themselves on knowing they make most all their customers happy!  If you have any issues, they immediately jump on it! They want their customers to know they're important and very much appreciated. The husband and wife team work very well together and that's what helps to make this business strong. 

Nancy dedicates this business to her beautiful girls. She says, "Without them, there would be no fight for the things I wanted in life. You two give me the power to do things I never thought were possible".


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